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Download or stream music, read books/magazines, find apps, and other content from the app

Download or stream music, read books/magazines, find apps, and other content from the app

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Program license: Free

Program by: Google

Version: 12.4.14

Works under: Android

Also available for Windows


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Google Play is an app version of the Google store that lets you search for games and apps that you can buy and download right to your phone. If you are an Android user, this is one of the best apps for you. It comes installed on many Android devices, but you can also download and install a new copy.

This Google app makes it easy to find new games and other apps for your phone. You can check out categories such as top selling to find the top apps that users just like you bought recently, or you can look at the top apps in other categories like games and camera apps. You can even buy copies of your favorite books through the app and read those titles on your phone. If you prefer magazines, you can buy and download a single copy of a recent issue or sign up for a subscription to that magazine.

Have you ever downloaded an app before and found that it had a number of bugs or that it didn't do what the makes said it would do? Google Play eliminates that problem because it lets you read reviews from customers before you buy. You can view an average star rating on a scale of zero to five stars and then read the reviews that others posted.

The Editors' Choice section of the app is great for those who aren't sure what they want. This section includes apps that the editors picked as their favorites. You might see an app that helps you pick out and book a hotel room one day and then a fun racing game the next day. The app also has a wish list feature that lets you create your own wish list and keep track of the apps that you want to buy or download.

Other features of the app include a redeem feature and a newsstand. The redeem feature lets you redeem any gift cards that you have. With the newsstand, you can view new magazines that are now available and see the top magazines of the week as well as magazine categories. This makes it easy to find the top digital magazines and the issues that you want to read. Google Play for Android works great on older phones, but it will limit your searches to older content because it is an older app.


  • Includes apps, games, books and even magazines that you can download
  • Has an automatic feature that will automatically update the app as needed
  • Lets you search for things based on one or more words
  • Shows lists of the top free and paid apps in different categories
  • Offers a nice selection of useful and entertaining apps


  • Is an older version of the app that Google replaced with its Play Services
  • Occasionally shows you too many options when doing a basic search
  • Requires frequent updates to use

Google Play is the licensed app store for Android devices. You can go to the Google Play site and select apps that you want to download for free or purchase for your device. Google Play itself is free, and it allows you to keep track of all of your apps.

With Google Play, you are able to download games and widgets. These apps are available for toddlers, kids and adults of all ages. The site also allows you to rate the apps and widgets after you have used them. On Google Play, you can also download a new device wallpaper.

Search for the games that you enjoy on your Android.

The app make sit easy to find the games that you like playing on a regular basis. From action and adventure to puzzles, there is a bit of everything that you can find while using the app. You can view the information about the content before you complete the download. This will help you see whether downloading the game is worth your time and whether it's a game that you would like to play. The app also offers music, books and videos that you can watch all in one place.